Weber Specialties

Fiber Laser Cutting

Why choose laser cutting? It's cost effective.

  • Parts can be produced less the cost of tooling, and nesting software maximizes material usage.
  • In many applications, Nitrogen assisted cutting can eliminate secondary deburring operations.
  • Laser cutting is fast, accurate, clean and easily repeatable.

The laser beam does not wear so edge quality is maintained for the lifespan of part production.

In most cases we can supply a laser price within 24 hours. We stock a variety of commonly used materials and can quote, produce and deliver your parts in a very tight timeframe.

We also offer a full range of complimentary forming services in house.

Laser Specifications:

  • 3KW Fiber Laser Resonator, Accuracy to .003"
  • 5' X 10' Table
  • Mild Steel .6", Stainless Steel .4", Aluminum .35", Brass .25", Copper .175"
  • High Yield Nesting Software